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Smooth plastic sides - will not scratch the gun. With NEW custom made aluminum sleeve for maximum durability!

Plug Checker suspended by the Rare-Earth magnet indicated by RED cap

Rare-Earth Magnetic Warning Label.

Also includes a "Rare Earth" Magnet on one end as shown.

Stream Systems - Plug Checker : $35.00 to $30.00 (Depending on Quantity)
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Stream Systems new and improved Plug Checker is now available!

This plug checker contains a rare-earth magnet.
Keep away from children, pacemakers, medical devices, credit cards,
video screens, computer and other electronic equipment.

Never stick the Magnetic End (red vinyl cap) into the magazine of a gun!

Stay safe! Never handle a loaded gun or shove shells in the magazine for checking the plug! Instead have the hunter unload the gun, hand it to you, and use the Plug Checker. It's easier, faster, and safer!

Stream Systems Plug Checker automatically folds-out like a magic wand and easily folds backup to fit into your pocket. Since all pieces are attached, you can't lose a section.

Are you still using a hose or battery cable to check a plug? These home made tools don't look professional and can easily scratch a gun or transfer dirt and sand into the magazine or chamber.

This isn't the case with the Stream Systems Plug Checker! The white plastic tube makes it easy for you (and the hunter) to see that its clean and not some dirty hose that can have sand inside of it that you can't see! Plus the plastic is soft, and with the vinyl cap at the end, it gives the hunter reassurance that their gun isn't going to get scratched.

Plus with the rare-earth magnet, you can easily and quickly check for steel shot by lightly touching each shell and feeling a "stick". Its like having two tools in one!

The Plug Checkers will work on all shotgun types.

The plastic used to make the Plug Checker was specifically chosen to give all around great performance. It provides great flexibility, compression strength, and shatter resistance, however it is always a good idea to wear eye protection. Also, the bungee cord is made in the US using the highest quality of materials including a built in UV protection. The device has a rare-earth magnet at the end with the vinyl cap for quickly checking steel shot. Never stick this end into the gun.

Get rid of that battery cable with copper wire that can scratch a gun, or a hose that can have sand and dirt inside! Get the plug checker!

To see a video on how simple it is to use, click here.

Disclaimer: PLEASE READ!
This device should only be used by a trained professional in the field of use! KEEP AWAY FROM CHILDRED! AND PACEMAKERS! THIS IS NOT A TOY! Kids take things apart and swallow the rare earth magnet which can cause serious injury including death! By purchasing this device you agree you have been trained on the dangers of rare-earth magnets and the proper way to use this device. You also agree that you have read this disclaimer and agree to not to hold Stream Systems liable for any damages resulting from it's use, be it personal, property, or otherwise. In other words, you use this device at your own risk!