WARRANTY and DISCLAIMER and Legal Notice
(Please refer to this page periodically as it may change)


Legal Information:

The HOT*SHOT is used by many different Law Enforcement agencies within the States, Federal, and Foreign Governments such as Canada, Australia and New Zealand. Over the years, it's accuracy has been verified by many different government agencies and had proven to be a very effective device for verifying the shot metal in a shotgun shell.

Although the HOT*SHOT has been found by law enforcement to be a very useful device, it should only be used as a tool to aid and augment existing practices when identifying the metal in a shotgun shell. Because of the many different shots available and the constant change in composition of these shells, Stream Systems cannot guarantee that the HOT*SHOT will read every shot correctly. Therefore the HOT*SHOT should not be relied on solely for determining the contents of a shell - this includes issuing citations, seizure of equipment, arrests, or any other legal activity based on using the HOT*SHOT. Should the HOT*SHOT produce a reading that indicates a violation and the results are challenged, we recommend that you send the shell to a forensic lab for further analysis and verification to prove your case. These facilities have very expensive equipment that can accuracy identify the shot metal.

In using the HOT*SHOT and understanding its limitations, you agree to the following:

1. No refunds, returns, or legal action will be taken against Stream Systems or its owners/employees, for any reason including but not limited to the unit producing false/incorrect readings regardless of the circumstance.
2. Stream Systems and/or person(s) associated with the company will not be summons or required to appear in a court of law or any other legal proceeding to testify to the accuracy of the device, its use or operation in any capacity.
3. You understand that the HOT*SHOT does not produce an absolute reading such as a XRF device.
4. You and/or government agency waive your right(s) to any legal action against Stream Systems or it's owners that may arise in connection with using this device. This includes but not limited to any personal injury, property damage, or any other losses or compensations.
5. You agree to use this device at your own risk and assume all liability by doing so.

Warranty Information:

•  The HOT*SHOT is warranted from defects in workmanship and material for 90 days from date of purchase.

•  The unit is a sensitive piece of electronic equipment and should be treated as such. Damage due to abuse, negligence, water, moisture, or other conditions deemed by Steam Systems to be acts of negligence or out of the norm are not warranted.

We hope you enjoy your device and we are confident that the HOT*SHOT will exceed your expectations