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Wireless Motion Camera

Setup and Configuration


Click here to see live video stream from Camera (The person would click here to see live streaming video from the camera they have setup (Networked, WiFi, Cellular)

Installation and Setup

Thank you for purchasing the most advanced Wireless Motion Camera on the market today.

Stream Systems SNAP*SHOT can send a page, video, or picture to any compatible phone or computer in the world...providing you have a "network" connection such as Wired or Wireless Ethernet (WIFI) or 3G/4G (Conditions Apply - see below). If you don't have network connections the SNAP*SHOT will still capture your images and videos and store them on an SD-Card.

The SNAP*SHOT also has the ability to "time-stamp" your captured images with GPS to prove where the event took place. This is critical for convictions.

To begin, you must set up your Motion Sensing System by answering some simple questions below. Once your system is setup, you are ready to monitor any location.

Conditions: To send a picture or video using the cellular wireless service, you must have a "Data Plan" with your wireless carrier such as AT&T, and have adequate signal strength at the location under surveillance. Wireless carriers charge for data plans and is not included in the sale of this unit.
Signal strength can be affected by many factors such as buildings, hills, transmission towers, etc. A good way to check if you have an adaquate signal is to check using your own phone or click the "SIGNAL" Icon on the front LCD panel.



When Motion is detected, which would you like to do?

Page a person
Send a Picture to another phone (must have compatable phone)
Send a Picture to another computer
Send a Video (20 second) to another phone (must have compatable phone)
Send a Video (20 second) to another computer


Please select one of the following on how you want to be notified?

Send to another PHONE Phone Number
Send to a PAGER Pager Number
Text Message to be sent
Send to a COMPUTER Email Address
Subject Line
Email Message to be sent


Activation Time Window - Time you wish this device to look for Motion

24 Hours    
Selected Military Hour
(24 hours - hhmm - no colon)
Start Time
End Time


Time Delay between triggers (0-360 minutes) - Example: Setting this to 30 will ignore all subsequent triggers for 30 minutes.

Trigger delay (minutes)


Number of triggers to capture before going into delay mode (0 - 10). Four is the default value.

Number of Captured Events


Camera Zoom Level
1 = Normal zoom
4 = Maximum Zoom

Zoom Level 1-4




To activate or check your Cingular minutes on this system, please visit